Week 5 — Photography I — Documenting Place

This week I had plans to visit one of my favorite trails near me. Unfortunately, it was closed due to the El Dorado Ranch fire. I chose to drive to place nearby and although this location isn’t new to me I enjoyed the journey.

First things first! I always ensure I bring survival gear in addition to vehicle recovery equipment since I typically venture out alone to isolated areas.

With a full tank of gas I decided to head out towards the hills.

It was at this point I saw the damage the El Dorado fire created. I realized the trails are probably closed. All of this scorched earth for gender reveal.

The Jeep hits dirt!!!! It was a little hard to find ;however, the saying seek and you shall find is true.

After tearing around in the dirt for awhile I decided I would head in northern direction towards one of my favorite locations.

I arrived at the base of Seven Oaks Dam around 11:00. Although the dam is a modern marvel it isn’t the land mark I’m looking for.

Can you see what I see? It’s in the distance. If you can’t don’t worry, here’s a hint.

The place I’m seeking goes over one of these….

Metal and asphalt jutting out of the dirt, strong and unwavering, a bridge.

Once on the bridge a better view of Seven Oaks dam is possible. After this photo was taken I was able to get a better shot to render the scale.

After sitting in the shade and enjoying the casual sound of cars driving by I decided it was time to leave.

Thanks for joining me on my outing! Although it wasn’t what I was expecting it was still a pleasure to turn the keys and forget about my worries for a bit.