Artist: Bobi Lee Bosson

Media: printmaking, paintings, sculptures, monoprints


Artist: Bobi Bosson


Bobi Lee Bosson is a southern California artist who utilizes three mediums to express herself, Bosson uses screen prints, sculptures, and paintings. Bosson originally pursued an education as an animator but, she was criticized by her instructors for being too detail orientated; consequently, Bosson chose to switch to the discipline of the visual arts. Despite the diversity of the methods of work the artist employs she explores femineity and social justice through her work. To clarify the artist finds the female form art thus through her work she is giving it the attention it deserves. Although Bosson does not identify herself as a political artist she does have several pieces bringing attention to environmental conservation and pollution, the LGBTQ community, and natural disasters not covered within the United States.

The artist is versatile in the tools she uses to create her art therefor a formal analysis of the work is going to be diverse. However, art is like handwriting each piece is different from artist to artist and Bosson has her own style. The lines within the pieces are well defined and in most works an outline is present. The shape of her works gravitates around the female form as previously stated; additionally, even pieces which are distinctly unisex have a female flare to them. One example of this being a screen-printed skull with a pink bow. The textures the artist works with ebb and flow as her use of palette knives give her work a form of texture; furthermore, the sculptures the artist uses have a texture within themselves. The sculptures Bosson creates are steel, recycled water bottles or clay. Bossons use of color is bold and adventurous, this artist isn’t afraid to use the entire color wheel and all the colors in between.

Bobbi Bosson is an artist who has come quite a way in both her art and personal growth. Although the Bosson started without the self-confidence necessary for an artist, the invitations to events such as the gay pride event and the various awards she won at shows has validated the quality of her work. Furthermore, she is appreciative of the different view points her work offers people. Although Bosson may have an idea of what a work means to her, others provide their thoughts and perspectives she may have not considered. Something unique about the artist is how she was originally criticized in other disciplines but chose to use this as a sign for change. Thankfully this was a path Bosson chose as her impact on those who view her art is notable and her campaigns of painting drag queens how they wish the world would see them is something relatable.

Most people portray a persona and hide themselves through the way they act or speak but the work Bosson does peels this away. I think this is something we need considering the current situation within the United States. Right now, there is an us vs them mentality working its way through the country. There should be no sides to this debate whether it be political or racial; we are Americans and more people need to realize it. The heartbreak I experienced when I learned people were happy two police officers were gunned down within their squad car is indescribable. I have family and friends within the law enforcement community and to think of them bleeding out on the pavement hurts more than I admit. Officers are people with families and the officer sitting in a car is more than a badge they are a mother or a father. With this said, the opposite is true for the persons these officer’s encounter. I would like to see or be the artist who paints officers as who they would like to be portrayed to show them as human. This would be my attempt to close the gap because division sow’s deceit and a house divided against itself cannot stand.