Evan Martinez
Nov 7, 2020

Wk 11- Student Choice- Part 4

Original photo.

Rough Skecth

First attempt.

New method of attack. I chose to divide the piece into squares to help with proportions.

Newest iteration of work.


The strengths of the first work was it was the furthest version of photo I have ever tried to recreate. I attempted this piece before but deemed it too difficult and trashed the sketch. I think the first version gave me the opportunity to see what I did wrong and what I can do to fix it. The weaknesses of one were the tools used. I went overboard with pastels which blurred the lines and became difficult to work with. The feedback I got was to provide more detail in the work and to take better photos. I eased off the pastels this time and only used them where I needed a lot of blending to get colors I wanted or for coverage as white blank space bugs me. I think the second draft went better than the first but, the first was a train wreck. I think I’m pretty content with this piece as I dont want to stuff into a drawer!