Wk 12 — Art Activity — New Friends

Evan Martinez
3 min readNov 16, 2020

How well did you know your partner before this activity?

Dylan’s Padlet- https://padlet.com/supracrw99/s1788pa20vvkvsbp

Martha’s Padlet- https://padlet.com/supracrw99/muqsxmhcr1jbxa0d

I did not know my partner at all. I didn’t even know my partner was in the class. After a short conversation I knew more about Dylan and realized we had a lot in common. I also chose to create a padlet on one of my other classmates, Martha, from a different class I reached out to during Week 11. I did not know her at all but she usually has her camera on in class and I reached out by complimenting her jacket.

How well do you know them now?

I would say I have a basic understanding of who Dylan is at his core and the things he is passionate about. My other classmate I also know her pretty well. Additionally, although Dylan and I have yet to meet I have already met up and hung out with Martha for an evening.

Does this seem like a way to make new connections in a time of pandemic isolation?

I think it is like most social situations, all it takes is five seconds of bravery to reach out. In class when everyone was partnering up you really had to call people out specifically to see if they were paired up. I think the best way to make these connections during zoom is the private chat. Furthermore, the cost of doing nothing is everything. I know sometimes it can be difficult to socialize but, if you don’t speak to others don’t complain about the lack of a social circle.

What is another way you can think of to make new connections in a time of pandemic isolation?

Social media, social media, social media! It provides an avenue to create connections if you are able to bypass the shallowness of it at the surface. This not only allows you to see a face to a name (most of the time), it also allows for a general idea of their passions or things they find interesting. Again, the cost of doing nothing is everything; if you don’t reach out nothing will happen!

What platform did you use to communicate with your partner? How well did it work? Or not work? What other tool, or type of tool, might have been better?

My art 110 partner and I traded phone numbers and this is where our communication stayed. My informal partner and I chose to exchange phone number in addition to snap chats. Both platforms are sufficient but I after having used facetime in the past I think this is best tool for distanced social interaction

How did Padlet work for you? Was it easy to use? Did it communicate well? Can you think of another platform that might be better?

Padlet is intuitive and easy to easy at any skill level. I think the program offers a new way to display ideas in a creative way; I also really like the Gifs because I love to meme. I think an optional demo or tutorial on how to use the program would greatly enhance the program with tools already inside Padlet, users just need to know how to use it.

What if, instead of meeting classmates, your goal was professional connections? How can you connect to people in your fiend in a time of pandemic isolation?

I think the best way would be through an email correspondence and set up a zoom meeting to discuss an idea or virtual lunch. In the same way people would ask a successful person to discuss ideas or even just establish a relationship, send an email, take your chances! You never know what’s possible. However, always be mindful the cost of doing nothing is everything.