Wk 13 — Art Activity — Portfolio Research


What they do:

An FBI special agent has a difficult but rewarding career. They are the federal governments right arm when it comes to enforcing over 300 federal status. A special agent’s area of responsibility includes investigating and preventing all the following: terrorism, white-collar crime, public corruptions, bank robbery, extortion, and air piracy. An agent’s workload is typically 50–60 hours a week with multiple investigations in different stages at the same time. Simply said there is always something to do. Something agents also do is participate in arrests, search warrants and other dangerous assignments. Although typically, agents work within the US there is a possibility of an agent and their family to be deployed outside the country.

What makes me valuable:

I think I would be valuable to the FBI as a special agent because after cutting my teeth in a police department I want to get the bigger fish. I want to catch the bigger and more serious criminals because sometimes the ones caught at the street level are just pawns. I have a high degree of morality and live by a code to enforce the laws fairly; additionally, the possibility of corruption is low to none as money isn’t a thing but paper to me. In the future when applying I will have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice in addition to my associates in behavioral science. I know I can meet the physical requirements and to my knowledge there isn’t anything in my background which would disqualify me. I also think I can provide a new point of view when working with a team as a cohesive unit.


What they do:

Redlands Police Department is a small police department serving the residents of Redlands California. They respond to minor medical emergencies, vehicle collisions, and crimes. Redlands police department has various special units such as forensics and special response teams. Although a smaller department in a quiet city, officers still handle many of situations officers in larger cities do, the only difference is the frequency of events. These officers usually patrol in their squad cars and ensure public order is upheld. Additionally, Redlands is a small community and RPD takes advantage of this by being very active in its community outreach and listening to what the community has to say.

What makes me valuable:

I have an interest in protecting the public from harm. Furthermore, I enjoy helping people in their darkest hours. This could be a hug or a handshake or first line medical care to the gravely wounded, I love to come to others aid. I have an associates in behavioral science and I am currently polishing off a bachelors at Long Beach State. I also find myself an excellent communicator which is essential to bridging gaps between the agency and the community. I am reserved in my actions as I only apply the amount of force necessary to achieve my goal whatever it is. Lastly, my level of physical fitness while not as good as it has been in the past is easy to remedy because I condition quickly.


What they do:

A career in corrections is one with long hours, great pay, and dangerous people. Correctional officers ensure inmates within their facility abide by the rules in addition to guarding the facility from security breaches. A day is different depending on where an officer is stationed; however, it can range from removing an uncooperative inmate from his cell or patrolling the perimeter of the facility in a vehicle. One consistency is the long hours with shifts ranging from 12–16 hours which cause immense strain on the officers as they struggle to stay awake and aware within a hostile environment. It also depends on which facility an officer works at because security levels change the level of inmates within the facility so basically, an individual’s milage may vary.

What makes me valuable:

I have an education in criminal behavior and how the corrections system works. Additionally, I have a minor understanding of how people work. Prisons will always be an isolated social environment with its own rules and norms; my education will help me understand the status quo within the concrete walls. I have the mental and physical discipline to work in an environment where there are no promises nor are there safe spaces. In my life, sleep deprivation is normal; I balance working part time and being a full-time student, to say I barely sleep is an understatement. Although I have a moral obligation to protect my coworkers from offenders the opposite is also true. I know if put in a difficult position where abuse of power is observed I will do the right thing.

Three people who do what I’m interested in.


Vaise Maiava is a profile I was able to find on linked in who works in corrections. Their profile is standard and presentable with his profile picture being professional to the highest degree. Closest to his name he has his occupation and his education. Therefore, this profile gets to the point without having to scroll through the entire thing. Digging into the profile further we can see the subjects he especially concerned about. These subjects are specific to him and his culture so it can be assumed he is an advocate for both. Mr. Majava has a rich background of prior experience and education giving the impression anyone can get to their dream job they just have to climb to get there.


Police officer:

Lawrence Hickman is a random profile I was able to pull off linkedin which provides an excellent example of how law enforcement officer presents themselves. First, we can see he is local to the Boston and emphasizes this his profile. It shows he cares about the community he works in. Additionally, we can see Mr. Hickman has an education as he attended Western New England’s college. His description shows he is well versed in technology information field is a data gathering specialist. Overall, Mr. Hickman shows his expertise, education and most importantly his want to serve the community. Something else to consider is the amount of connections he has with over 500, he is a wealth of resources to someone trying to get their foot into the door.



Michael Schneider is the profile I located for an individual who is a special agent. First, the profile picture is professional as it has him in a suit with an American flag behind him. Flanking the visual information is his employer and educational information with it being the FBI and Indiana University school of business. His description provides examples of his skills in global crime fighting and emphasizes his leaderships and communication capability. His experience is vast as within the organization itself it is shown he has worked 16 years and clawed his way to the top. This tells me he is promotable and a hard worker as he promoted every year. At the bottom of his profile is his education which gives Mr. Schneider a solid base to hold his entire profile up as it shows he has a bachelor’s in accounting and finance and has attended a school for organizational leadership.


How I would use a website to promote myself:

If I was to create a linked in profile, I would introduce the one thing I have a lot of first, education. My education is what gives me an edge so I must have it first and foremost. Second, I would emphasize my works within my community to show how I am active and grounded where I am. I would also make sure the profile picture I create is professional as potential employers could be viewing this website. Furthermore, I find the number of connections an individual has on linked in shows just how cemented into their role people are so I would emphasize having as many connections as possible. The section about myself would have information regarding my education and leadership skills within the professional world as this is an area, I shine. Finally, I would make sure the page looks active, it must be constantly updated with new information or events I attend which can benefit my career.


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