Evan Martinez
2 min readOct 26, 2020


Wk 9- art activity- student choice, part 2

Here is the original

Here is my rough sketch

Here is my final iteration

My project differs from the original in its form it is taken from a photo. The medium in which it is presented is different. Additionally, the work has a bit of color as well as more detail.

The success of the project is debatable I honestly would rather to trash it and start over again. I find repetition is the best way to learn thus wish to repeat the work until I am happy.

I find the compromises I made during the work really limited the work. Although the blending and coverage a pastel creates is highly desirable it washes out the finer details which I found upsetting. However to counter this I decided the best thing to do was to thin it out with an eraser or come in after with colored pencils to get harder edges.

I was trying to stretch my skills with portraits because faces are something I have always struggled with. Sometimes I get lucky and it looks amazing other times I’m chasing the dragon (looking for something I won’t obtain) I think my piece says a lot about how much I like to push to myself. The sourced work is off of an album I can relate to right now and the struggles I face.

Hindsight is always 20/20. I would give myself a month to do the work. I wouldn’t focus on anything else; I wouldn’t go to work I wouldn’t go to school. I would also graft a grid over the work to create a guide for proper proportions and resizing!