This week I chose to try my best at photography. I have taken pictures before and although I have mostly bad photos in my camera roll there are a few winners. This confidence gave me the inspiration to go shoot; Additionally I drew throughout the semester so I looked to expand my horizons. I think it came out half decent because shooting at night is especially difficult without an expensive camera so considering my tools not bad at all. I would take way more photos next time this was a one and done. As previously mentioned I am lukewarm about the result so to combat this next time ill take more so i can be more picky choosy about the best of the bunch.

WK 13- Essay 2- Art!

At the beginning of the semester I saw art as a means of creation. This is because humans love to create; additionally, art is unique to humans as no other animal creates art. In the beginning of the semester I thought art gave anyone an…

Wk 13 — Art Activity — Portfolio Research


What they do:

An FBI special agent has a difficult but rewarding career. They are the federal governments right arm when it comes to enforcing over 300 federal status. A special agent’s area of responsibility includes investigating and preventing all the…

Wk 12 — Artist OTW — Heather Anacker & Krista Feld

About the artists

Heather and Krista are fiber artists, artisans of this craft are masters of a craft long since forgotten. Their interests lie within producing textiles such as clothes, installations and even furniture with organic materials. Despite the…

About the Artist

Banksy is an anonymous British street graffiti artist. Most reports suggest he was born in 1974 although even this is up to debate. What the public definitively knows about this artist isn’t much additionally, it seems the artist intends to keep it this way. Banksy’s works have…

Evan Martinez

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